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How We Work

We have several core values that differentiate ourselves from other firms. 

We don’t have a minimum asset requirement, primarily because we are by referral and we take pride in working with generations of families. We want to work with the youngest members of your family as they’re starting in the workforce. By starting early, we can promote prudent life-long financial decision making. 

We communicate with our clients monthly, by phone or email, depending on their preference. We do this for multiple reasons. One, of course, is so that our clients can sleep well at night knowing that their accounts are being reviewed monthly. Two, we strongly believe in partnering with our clients which involves gradually educating them about financial decision making and trying to save monthly. 

We do not sell any products, including insurance. We believe this is a conflict of interest. We are happy to advise as to what we think our clients should own but we do not sell it to them. 


We strive to help our clients reach their goals, and to do so in a way that allows them to sleep well at night.

Because we review our client’s portfolios monthly, we hope they will partner with us—by trying to save consistently, and by approaching us with any financial questions they may have during our monthly phone calls or emails. Our goal is that these monthly reviews help educate clients while ensuring that their portfolios are constantly being reviewed. 

We also offer educational seminars that are open to clients and their friends and family. These seminars focus on a variety of unique financial subjects we feel are essential to your overall financial health and well-being.

Our business is 100% by referral only. We expect to continue this tradition into the future.


We provide investment advice based on our own investment model. The model has been around for 60 years. The model is based on historical data, past stock market trends, and research within the field and academia.

Equity Model:

We start with a database consisting of over 20,000 stocks. After our first group of filters, we work with approximately 175 stocks. 

We have 4 main criteria we use throughout our models: Safety, Quality, Value, and Growth.

After those filters are run, we take it a step further and examine each company’s buyback history. We find this to be a very significant indicator of good performance.

Ultimately, our goal is come up with a list of buy items that pass all our quantitative and qualitative requirements and allow for portfolio diversification without portfolio saturation.



Unfortunately, the financial industry is riddled with conflicts of interest. Our goal, as SEC registered investment advisors, is to eliminate those conflicts. Many advisors will sell products or securities, such an insurance products - we do not. We are fiduciaries of our clients. We are paid solely based on client fees, zero commissions, zero product sales, no vendor relationships. The only way our business makes money, is if our clients are happy and refer us to others—and that is the way we think it should be.


We question every new product and trend that gains popularity in the industry. History does repeat itself. Derivatives are just that, financial instruments derived from other financial products. There isn’t much that is new. The financial community has been sold almost everything in one form or another over the last 100 years. Some are good, some are bad. But everything should be thoroughly researched. Due diligence is critical.

Often it seems we are contrarians. This isn’t on purpose. This is just because we aren’t following the herd and we question the status quo.

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