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Education is a core part of our business. We hope that with every monthly call, our clients continue to learn about the world and language of finance. Two ways we hope to enhance our client’s knowledge is through providing a reading list (below) and hosting seminars.

This list is in no particular order and consists of a wide variety of subjects.


Reading List

  • The Wealth of Nations/Adam Smith: book on economics

  • Security Analysis/Benjamin Graham & David Dodd: more technical book on stock valuation

  • Stocks for the Long Run/Jeremy Siegel: an investment guide on equities; one of Siegel’s many “readable” financial books

  • Who Moved my Cheese/Spencer Johnson: focuses on change or “volatility” and how different people react to change differently

Seminar List:

  • Women and Wealth:
    Educating women on managing their wealth

  • College Planning:
    Planning for your children and grandchildren’s future education

  • Starting Early and Setting Foundations:
    How to plan for your goals while managing student debt, job transitions, and more

Financial Resources:

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